New listing email alerts now active on HeliTrader

Users can now easily create and manage alerts based on selected manufacturer and models

By: HeliTraderPosted on: September 22, 2022

The HeliTrader team is thrilled to announce the addition of the new feature “HeliTrader Alerts,” which will notify users of new rotorcraft listings that meet their specified manufacturer and model criteria.

Users can easily create and manage alerts based on manufacturer and model(s) using either the “Filter Options” menu or the user “Dashboard.”

Filter Options

To create alerts using “Filter Options,” users may select one or more manufacturer and any number of corresponding models currently in inventory from the menu. Once selections are complete, the filter results can be saved as an alert by clicking “Apply Filter(s)” and then “Save results to alerts.” Users will then also be able to see current listings that match their applied filter(s).

It has never been easier to create custom alerts using the filter options


To manage or create alerts using the “Dashboard,” select “Alerts and Emails.” Next, select one manufacturer (OEM) and applicable rotorcraft models. Lastly, click “Save Alert Settings” to save the new alert. Any saved alerts, including those created from “Filter Options,” will now be listed, and current listings matching each alert can also be viewed. Users can easily edit or remove saved alerts if they wish.

Users can also create and manage alerts in their dashboard

Alerts will be emailed to users every Monday, so long as new listings meeting their specified alert criteria have been listed since the previous Monday. To reduce the number of emails that users receive, multiple new listings will be combined into one alert. For example, alerts for Airbus H125, H130, and Sikorsky S76C+ models would be included in one alert rather than three separate alerts.

We hope you like this new feature, and will find it a useful tool in your helicopter search experience!