Boost your listing's visibility with our
featured and premium listing options!

HeliTrader is the place to advertise your helicopters for sale. While it’s free to list, HeliTrader offers customers the opportunity to get more eyes on listings through the purchase of a featured or premium option.

Featured Listing

  • Displayed prominently on the HeliTrader homepage in a dedicated featured section
  • Maximum visibility thanks to a limited number of eight featured listings
  • Showcased at the top of the HeliTrader Weekly e-newsletter (16,000+ subscribers)
  • Expanded listing details in the HeliTrader Weekly e-newsletter
  • Affordable - only US$50 for 7 days
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Premium Listing

  • Returned in the top search results for better exposure to potential buyers
  • Highlighted to stand out from regular listings
  • Included in the HeliTrader Weekly e-newsletter (16,000+ subscribers)
  • Budget-friendly - only US$50 for one month
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How to upgrade your listings

Featured and premium listing options can be purchased when uploading a new listing, or from the user dashboard.

  1. When uploading a listing, the user is taken to a listing promotion window where the options are offered. The user is given the opportunity to select and purchase an option.
  2. From the dashboard, the user clicks on the “Promote Listing” button on the listing requiring the upgrade. They are then taken to the promotion window where they can select the option(s) they wish to purchase.