Get the most out of your purchasing process
by utilizing our broker exclusive mandates

Exclusive mandates benefit buyers by providing access to exclusive listings, streamlining the purchasing process, ensuring reliable information, enhancing negotiation power, and offering personalized assistance tailored to their needs.

Access to exclusive listings

With an exclusive mandate, brokers have access to a curated selection of helicopters that may not be available through other channels. This means that buyers can explore unique and desirable options that might not be widely advertised or accessible to the general public.

Efficient and streamlined process

Exclusive mandates ensure a streamlined process by having a single point of contact. Buyers can work closely with the broker who has in-depth knowledge about the helicopter and its specifications. This focused approach saves time and effort by eliminating the need to interact with multiple brokers or navigate through a scattered market.

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Trustworthy and reliable information

Brokers operating under an exclusive mandate are typically more invested in providing accurate and reliable information to buyers. Since their reputation and commission are on the line, they have a strong incentive to deliver transparent and trustworthy details about the helicopter's condition, history, maintenance records, and any relevant information that buyers need to make an informed decision.

Negotiation power

Exclusive mandates can give buyers an advantage during negotiations. The broker representing the seller has a clear understanding of the seller's expectations, allowing buyers to negotiate directly with the broker and potentially secure more favorable terms and pricing.

Personalized assistance

Brokers working under exclusive mandates can provide personalized assistance throughout the buying process. They can address specific buyer preferences, offer insights into the helicopter's capabilities, arrange test flights, coordinate inspections, and facilitate a smooth transaction overall.

Exclusive mandates benefit sellers by contributing to a more efficient and effective sales process, increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer and achieving a successful sale.

Dedicated attention and resources from the broker

With an exclusive mandate, the broker can prioritize the seller's helicopter, dedicating their time, resources, and expertise to effectively market and sell it. The broker can focus on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy and finding potential buyers specifically for the helicopter.

Clear framework for the broker to market and sell the helicopter

An exclusive mandate provides a clear agreement between the seller and the broker, outlining the terms, duration, and scope of the broker's representation. This framework allows the broker to concentrate their efforts on promoting the helicopter, ensuring a targeted and efficient sales approach.

Trust and collaboration with a committed broker

By granting an exclusive mandate, sellers establish a sense of trust and commitment with the broker. The broker's reputation and commission are at stake, motivating them to work diligently and professionally to achieve a successful sale. This trust fosters collaboration and open communication, enabling both parties to work closely together towards a common goal.

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Unified marketing approach, avoiding duplication and confusion

Exclusive mandates prevent fragmentation of marketing efforts by ensuring that the broker has sole responsibility for promoting the helicopter. This avoids the potential confusion and duplicate listings that may arise when multiple brokers are involved. A unified marketing approach results in consistent messaging and streamlined exposure, making it easier for potential buyers to find and engage with the listing.

Increased exposure and visibility for the helicopter

With an exclusive mandate, brokers can invest more resources into marketing the helicopter. They can utilize targeted advertising, leverage their industry networks, and tap into their professional connections to expand the reach and visibility of the listing. This heightened exposure increases the chances of attracting potential buyers who may not have otherwise come across the helicopter for sale.

Access to the broker's professional network and connections

Brokers operating under an exclusive mandate often have extensive networks and connections within the industry. They can leverage these relationships to connect with potential buyers, industry professionals, and other brokers who might have qualified leads. Access to such a network can significantly expand the reach and potential buyer pool for the helicopter.

Enhanced market expertise and knowledge of the helicopter's unique features

Exclusive mandates allow brokers to develop a deep understanding of the seller's helicopter. This knowledge encompasses its unique features, specifications, condition, maintenance history, and other relevant details. Armed with this comprehensive information, brokers can effectively promote the value and distinctive aspects of the helicopter to potential buyers, increasing its market appeal.

Additional incentives for brokers to invest time, effort, and resources into marketing the helicopter

Exclusive mandates often come with additional incentives for brokers. These incentives can include higher commission rates, bonuses, or exclusive access to potential buyer leads. Such incentives motivate brokers to invest more time, effort, and financial resources into marketing the helicopter, ensuring proactive and dedicated marketing efforts.

Streamlined negotiation process with a single point of contact

With an exclusive mandate, sellers have a single point of contact – the broker – for all negotiation-related matters. This streamlines the negotiation process and reduces potential confusion or miscommunication that may arise when dealing with multiple brokers. Having a single representative simplifies the negotiation dynamics and facilitates efficient communication between the seller and potential buyers.

Assurance of a committed broker working towards a successful sale

Granting an exclusive mandate ensures that the broker is fully committed to achieving a successful sale. The broker's reputation and financial incentives are directly tied to the outcome, motivating them to invest their expertise, resources, and efforts into maximizing the chances of a successful transaction. Sellers can have confidence that the broker is dedicated to their specific listing and is actively working towards securing the best possible deal.

Submission of exclusive brokerage agreement

The broker must provide a HeliTrader representative with a valid helicopter brokerage agreement or a similar document that demonstrates the broker's exclusivity for the listing. This agreement should clearly outline the exclusive rights granted to the broker for marketing and selling the helicopter.

Verification of exclusivity

The provided documentation will be reviewed by HeliTrader to verify the broker's exclusivity for the listing. This verification process ensures that the broker has the authorized rights to represent the helicopter and that no conflicting agreements exist.

Confidentiality of information

Submitted documentation and any associated information will be treated with strict confidentiality. HeliTrader will promptly delete or destroy the submitted documentation and/or information once the broker exclusive mandate has been established for the listing, ensuring the broker's data privacy.

Send the brokerage agreement and exclusivity agreement or similar documentation that clearly outlines your exclusivity for marketing and selling the helicopter to [email protected]. Be sure to indicate which listing the documentation applies.

The documentation will be reviewed by HeliTrader to verify your exclusivity for this listing. This verification process ensures you have the authorized rights to represent the helicopter and that no conflicting agreements exist. Once verified, the broker exclusive listing banner will be added by a HeliTrader team member.